Friday, December 23, 2016

😬😬😬 My First Emoji Review

I just attended a seminar for art writers and learned about a few new tools available to art critics.   Among them, emojis used daily on social media to convey our emotions or let the world know about our activities. Of course, I am eager to try my new skills.
For example, a few pics from my last visit at the Centre Pompidou in Paris:

Otto Dix
"Portrait of the journalist Sylvia von Harden", 1929

Vassily Kandinsky
"Improvisation 3", 1909  

Piero Mansoni
"Merda d'Artista", 1961

It took me some time to select the emojis, the small pests are multiplying. Companies are seeking translators due to the expanding "vocabulary" and cultural sensitivities. Emojis were born in 1999, and are themselves considered art. The first original set was acquired by The Museum of Modern Art for its permanent collection last October.

This was my first ... and last review with emojis.