Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the road, Prague

This Summer, the 5th Biennale is in full swing in Prague.

With 160 artists from around the world (India, Italy, Romania, Poland, Slovakia...), it is also a great occasion to discover Czech artists, young and old. Three macrosections are subdivided into smaller individually curated sections.

Of course, the galleries and museums are plentiful from Artbanka which displays and supports young artists near the Charles Bridge, to farther venues like the DOX Center for Contemporary Art or the MeetFactory. Prague is bustling with visual art and of course music.

Along the way, the sculptures in the gardens and the streets are sometimes whimsical like David Cerny's, called the Anthony Gormley of Prague.
Don't forget your copy of The Prague Post (new edition on Wednesday). It contains everything you need to know about Prague's happenings.

photograph by the author

"Babies", David Cerny, 1967

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