Saturday, March 12, 2011

Empty space

The visit of Blinky Palermo's exhibition at the Hirschhorn becomes an endless walk around the second floor of the museum, with the works of the artist peppering the walls (follow the link to see the photographs.) It is an important retrospective of the works from 1964 till 1977, year of the death of the artist, deceased prematurely on a trip to the Maldive Islands.

For me, it ended up being an intellectual journey. Do not expect emotions, the place appears empty, a dead space. The works representing the periods from the Stoffbilder (fabric paintings) to the Metallbilder, are staying mute. They do not generate any energy. Chromatic, complementary, the colors are for research not for art. The progression along the gallery becomes as boring as listening a student practicing his scales. The works are tedious and at the end sterile. One hopes that the artist eventually uses the colors to send some no avail.
A student of Beuys, defined as a colorist, he also has been called a successor of Matisse and Rothko?

Photograph of the artist, Creative Common

No photographs were allowed

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