Monday, April 5, 2010

Here and there

Works from Maurizio Cattelan are scattered among the permanent exhibitions at the Menil Collection. The pieces surprise the visitor, like a dead horse lying on the floor of a room lined up with (great) paintings from Magritte.

The view of a life size woman crucified in a packing crate (viewed from the back) dressed in a short white gown near a virgin Mary from the french Middle Age is shocking at first, it si so unexpected.

The artist is challenging the viewer. I saw Magritte better, I looked at the statue better. The pair of dogs lying in a room full of Byzantine art made me acutely aware of my surroundings.
The installation called "All", nine sculptures of body covered by shrouds already seen at the New Museum in Manhattan is there occupying a whole room, but is missing the singer. The voice brought solemnity.
The "Ave Maria" is saluting in one room, bringing a lot of comments from the visitors. A waxed hand with missing fingers but the third, is hanging in another room, a wink from the artist.
At the end of this unique exhibition of Cattelan's works, one realizes that they mingle very well with other art. The artist is provocative, but should not art be provocative at times? The shock of the images brings reflection. A whole room filled with the works from Cattelan would loose the purpose.

The drummer boy was there on the roof, playing on time every hour, reminding us that after all none of this is too serious.

photographs from the Menil Collection's website

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