Sunday, March 31, 2013

Time and Teabags

The Emerge Gallery, a small oval space at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans is reserved for site specific installations and the latest, A Thousand Threads is a creation from the conceptual artist Luba Zygarewicz.
The threads carefully stretched from the second floor to the ground create a whirling web underlined in the background by the colored teabags falling along the walls like dry flowers. A closer look reveals a date on each teabag, a sort of melancholic calendar. The daily breaks for tea engender thoughts about time, rituals to control the uncontrollable of life, permanence. The teabags hang from thin threads, a reminder of the frailty of life and the uneven lengths of the threads, a measure of the daily memories' weight. Teatime is repetitive but the different colors, shapes (and most likely flavors) of the teabags represent a particular day. Proust who wrote In Search of Lost Time found his lost memories in the perfume of the madeleines, Zygarewicz used teabags to represent time creating, a poetic installation, built days after days after days...

photographs by the author:
"A Thousand Threads" a site specific installation by Luba Zygarewicz at the Contemporary Art Center
view from the first floor, 
view from the second floor

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