Friday, March 5, 2010

Pier 94 and Pier 92

The Armory Show is under way. The two piers where the event is taking place are dedicated to different venues. Pier 94 is occupied by galleries representing younger artists. Pier 92 stages international galleries specialized in Modern and Contemporary Art and the secondary market for artists already well known.

289 galleries!(this does not include the exhibits at Art Shows opening at the same time like Pulse, Red Dot, Scope New York, and more)

The first impression is overhelming, but this fades rapidly as the visit goes on. The galleries are looking for attention and the display is sometimes eyecatching. Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery chose the color of one of the artists, Adam Mcewen, to decorate the booth.

Visitors make photographs of Joachim Schonfeld's installation.

These are just a few examples.There is an air of "art tourism", with a lot of visitors walking by, just enjoying the show.

There is also serious business going on and deals are being made.

At Pier 92, it is a pleasure to look at works from well known artists.

and many more...

Overall, the visit is pleasant, with areas to rest, have a delicious snack and/or drink.

It is about looking at art and talking about art, a lot of it.

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Sylvie Contiguglia said...

From top to bottom:
Marc Chagall
Jesus Raphael Soto
John Baldessari
John Chamberlain
Chen Zhen