Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let's See

I keep reading this book "Let's See, Writings on Art from The New Yorker" written by the art critic Peter Schjeldahl I usually choose a chapter or two related to my latest interests, for a short reading.

Seventy five of his articles, published in the New Yorker have been selected to compose this book.

The subjects are very diverse , from reflections on Minimalism, American Abstract to Rembrandt, Hitler as an artist...

These articles were written to be published in a magazine, thus, their length. The author manages to bring in these two to three pages a concentrated knowledge of the subjects.

His style is elegant. He is an independent art critic and is not afraid to bring up some controversy and fresh ideas. He shows honesty in his critics. He knows how to criticize an artist, brings all the arguments and in the last paragraph, softens his tone and leaves us with the opportunity to see the work of the artist with a new knowledge and new ideas.

I always keep this book close by ... and added this link to my favorite websites

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