Saturday, December 12, 2009


Several events are taking place as a side show to the big fair in Miami. One of them involves graffiti art in the Miami's Wynwood art district.
What about graffiti? It is the bad brother of the art family. Wikipedia is a great resource to learn more about this kind of art.
Unfortunately, the line between graffiti and mural has become blurred.

Is the meaning of this spontaneous art, its violent gesture now tamed for the galleries? Do we have to transform a powerful form of expression into another money making expedition?

This art represents the escape for individuals raised in environments where there is no hope.
It needs to stay the bad brother of the family. Graffiti cannot be recuperated by any institution including galleries or collectors. I could understand the eventual preservation in museums, because it represents an underground society, its aspirations, its fights.

Now graffiti art is put in frames, literally, sold like posters.

This yearly event of commissioned art at the occasion of Art Basel Miami Beach is taking away the message of the graffiti, and makes it become a decoration. Should "graffiti artists" be called a different name, like "mural artists"?

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